The Peterborough Garden Show


Little Garden Market
was new in 2015
but come and see who's back and who is new for 2017....

For the first time, 2015, we invited local entrepreneurs who either grow their own products or make them.  We had amazing fudge, incredible chocolate, delectable goat cheese, fresh greens, delicious, nutritious root veggies, and local honey products.

We want you to meet the folks you may not see at our local market and taste the fabulous goodies they have to sell.

Here are our terrific garden market vendors for 2017 !

When these two smile and offer you the Finest Gourmet Fudge, they mean it.... flavours like Lemon Poppy Seed (my favourite) or Salted Caramel Chocolate and so  many others, you will really be in heaven.... 

Finest Gourmet Fudge

You won't believe that someone so beguiling  could make such different chocolate... sourced from South America, he deftly pairs it with garlic (imagine ! ), cinnamon, blue-green algae, and heavenly spices you have to taste to believe... and his fruit leathers are short of divine.

Come and meet Dan... and close your eyes and taste.....

Dan Ledandan Foods

And more amazing vendors with amazing things to share.

... be sure to come see them all.

Birdsong Orchards

Staples Maple Syrup

Tiny Greens

 Dayle's Divine Cupcakes  (705) 876-7195