The Peterborough Garden Show



Oops, not this one... remember this?

The poor thing met its untimely (or timely) demise, and so our fearless co-ordinator, Sandy, engaged the  talented carpentry class at FLEMING COLLEGE and their teacher Scott Fleming.

CHEMONG HOME HARDWARE generously provided the materials and four of these very creative students built us a new one.

These talented students, (left to right) Ed Gaudaur, Darren Mills, Peter Charles and Steve Ecclestone designed and built this charming ticket booth that looks like a garden shed.

(photo - Lance Anderson /This Week)

They taught 3 of our show volunteers how easily it comes apart, and McWilliams Moving and Storage kindly delivered the pieces to be stored for the show.

We took a dozen of Jen's famous "maple-bacon-buttertarts" to say a big thank you to the fellows for this great addition to our show... (thanks, Jen)

Here it is - in pieces - waiting for some paint and then set-up day.... come and see our new addition and admire the talents we cannot wait to show you.

UPDATE BELOW ! Here is our dedicated paint crew...

Jen and Sandy are whitewashing the sides. 

 A whole new look !!!  .... this is just a sneak preview.... the rest you will have to come and see.

Sandy and Cauleen- who is wearing the most paint??

This is way too much fun !!!