The Peterborough Garden Show


"Kids, Today..."

Kids, today, why cant they be like we were,

perfect in every way.whats the matter with kids today?

from Bye, Bye Birdie-1963

Remember this song? Ill bet anyone who is a zoomerhas sung this to  their kidsat least once.  We complain about their music, about the hours they keep, and push them to do more, to be be like we were.

Funny, they are like us. 

I remember my folks telling me to turn off the radio, do my homework, my chores; do better, and be better.  Some things never change. But somehow, they do and they have. 

Heres an example of some of our amazing kids in our community right now.

You may know that Peterborough has an annual garden show, but to most  young  people gardeners are old fogeys and so why would they attend?.  We want to change that.  We want to encourage young people and their families to come and see what being in the garden has to offer.

Im not sure about you, but part of my summer chores included weeding the vegetable garden.  No flowers there.. perhaps its why I now buy my veggies at the Farmers Market and grow flowers instead.  

But seriously, back to the youth of today.  If we are going to teach young people to be self-sufficient, to know what they are eating, we need to teach them where their food comes from.  

Boring right?  Right. We just need to find a way to get them involved in something more fun than dirt. So, LAST YEAR....we did......(also check out their Floral Competition here...) 

In the meantime, we got in touch with a couple of teachers who were looking for ways to get their students more involved in the community. One thing lead to another and before we knew it, two classes of  TASS -Thomas A. Stewart - students - the carpentry and the integrated art classes - were working (and having fun) on a project for the garden show.

All gardeners, old fogeys or not, need some help in the  garden now and then, and what is better than a small, portable garden stool to sit on, stand on or put a pot on? and decorated as well? what could be better?

Last year Chemong Home Hardware generously donated the lumber; the carpentry class designed and built stools based on one we had, and the art class painted garden designs on them. 

The students even "modelled" them in our Horticultural Couture - show....

How innovative, and fun !!!

The garden show is hosted by almost 200 volunteers from both the Peterborough Horticultural Society and the Peterborough and area Master Gardeners.  The success of the show is based on the passion and enthusiasm of all involved, and that devotion comes from a love of gardening.

The real reason we do all this, is to make enough money so we can give it all away- - back into our community.  Each year, both groups give out scholarships, awards and grants to local students who are studying horticulture.

So we are delighted to showcase the work of our local youth.  

All lined up, ready for decoration or just a coat of finish.... 

So, kids today?

They are amazingly talented, committed to giving back and they have fun in the process.  We could take a lesson or two from them.  

Come to the show

AND....come see what else young people are up to....

Shake their hands and show them how proud you are

to have them as such a great part of our community…

 ...oh, and buy a garden stool for an old-fogey gardener you know. perhaps even for yourself and think about how much pleasure it will bring:  both using it and knowing what it supports, (besides your weary back).